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Lies of Silence

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Imagine the scene. You are the boss of a major company, and one of your employees comes to you in a panic. Someone has willingly put another co-worker in jeopardy by not fixing one of the machines properly. The same co-worker loses an arm in a horrible accident, limiting his life and as such putting a strain on his marriage, livelihood and ability to provide for his family. You are called to task over the accident, you disclose the name of the worker that jeopardised the safety of the whole company, you included. He is put to trial and found guilty and thusly sentenced to 7 – 10 for endangering the lives of all the workers and harm caused to the worker that lost his arms. That seems like the normal procedure for someone in power right? Apparently you’ve never seen the work of the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Sean Brady, who in 1975 was a mere underling in the proceedings at the age of 36, oversaw an interview with abuse victim, Brendan Boland. Boland, along with other children were taken away to remote locations and savagely abused by monster priest Brendan Smyth. Boland had enough and told his parish priest about the abuse. On hearing the revelations, Boland’s parish priest took the boy to his superiors. And Sean Brady conducted the interviews with Brendan Boland. He was interviewed on his own and his father, who was totally unaware of the severity of the abuse, was asked to stay outside.

The interview was abhorrent and contained such questions as “Do you think you could grow to like it?” and “Did seed emerge from your body at any point?” Over the course of the interview Boland put forward both names and addresses of the other children that Brendan Smyth abused. They were taken down by Sean Brady and Brendan Boland was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement stating he would not tell anyone about the interview. Here’s where the cover up begins.

Brendan Boland in his innocence, whatever was left after Smyth thought that putting forward the names and addresses of the other children would put an end to the hurt, anger and frustration he and the others felt. But this did not happen. Instead Sean Brady filed the report and passed the names and addresses onto his superiors, but neglected to inform the children’s parents or the local police.

By not forwarding this vital information Brady linked himself in with the vicious cycle of abuse Smyth perpetrated and continued to carry out on one boy until the winter of 1976. And he also abused that boy’s sisters for seven years, and four of his cousins up until 1988. Thirteen years of vicious abuse that could have, I am not saying it would have as cover ups are a speciality, but it could have been if only Brady had passed on the information and a case could have been made against Smyth sooner.

Now in the wake of the documentary The Shame of The Catholic Church Cardinal Sean Brady, yes that is not a typo the man was made lead Catholic in Ireland, a position that surely should go to someone that would morally do all in his power to protect any human never mind a child. In the wake of the revelations, Cardinal Brady (sickens me to dignify the man with that title) has been revelling in that church staple, rhetoric.

The usual lines have come pouring from his mouth, when asked about bot informing the police and parents, “I regret very much that they weren’t and obviously if they were in this situation now, I would insist that they be informed.” Well hats off to you Sean. Let’s all bow at your reverend feet. If I was two foot taller I could have been a great basketball player, rhetoric is for idiots and rats trapped in a corner.

So with Brady spouting pre-written lines, delivered with one emotion, blatant un-interest, what did the church do with Brendan Smyth when it was reported of him abusing countless children? Well they shuffled him around and only recently it emerged that Smyth’s original diocese could face fresh lawsuits after it played a part in reinstating Smyth’s ability to say mass there. He was given permission to have contact with children back in 1984. That’s right, despite being aware of Smyth’s abuse Bishop Francis McKiernan authorised this contact. That reeks of the old, “ah sure go on about your business, and keep it on the lowdown, no-one else’s business.” Disgusting.

Now what did Cardinal Brady do in the intern? He jetted off to Rome to represent us at a Vatican conference. A man who ignored the discovery of a vicious paedophile and his victims represented me and you in the holiest of cities, Rome, enough to make you sick to your stomach. And now he refuses to step down, and has been quoted as saying, “There have been many calls for me to stay on.” Glory, glory hallelujah, his truth is marching on, brothers and sisters.

There’s a lovely photo of Cardinal Brady on the Armagh diocese website which shows him smiling and wearing his tainted garments. And apparently he has an aim in this parish. The aim is “to be the Body of Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit so that we can live like Jesus in our time and place sharing his compassionate love with all.” So the next time you, your child or anyone else is accused of taking the lord’s name in vain, think of the Cardinal of Ireland doing just that by simply waking up in a parochial house every morning.



Written by thepanch

May 8, 2012 at 1:39 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Horrifying.


    May 10, 2012 at 4:24 am

  2. I think this went on a lot more than we know and for possibly centuries. That’s why the priests, bishops, cardinals didn’t think it was a big deal, because it was just the status quo.


    May 10, 2012 at 4:27 am

    • I’ve heard worse, but the coverups keep coming…..


      May 10, 2012 at 7:04 am

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