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Having attended the launch of the Blackstairs Blues the previous tonight and wandering home at an ungodly hour, going out on the Saturday night was not an option. So this reviewer, along with the two ladies, found himself in Xtra Vision late that evening. Once again I plumped for Hobo With A Shotgun. Alas, I was shot down in flames and instead we both went for Hanna. Admittedly I let it pass me by in the cinema and upon viewing that was a huge mistake.

Directed by Joe Wright, yes but don’t worry guys there’s not a period love story a la Pride And Prejudice, anywhere to be seen here. The film opens up with Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) chasing, hunting and shooting a deer. However it doesn’t go as planned and the deer is still alive. A problem quickly rendered by Hanna, the problem is resolved by a swift, sweet release bullet to the struggling deer’s head. “Sorry, I missed your heart.” That is one cool cat….

Hanna is being trained and homeschooled in a secluded woodland area by her father Erik (Eric Bana, trained indeed in the deadly arts, hand to hand combat, gun skills and ninja training. “Always be ready… even when you’re sleeping.” He drills facts into her like a machine so she can rattle them off in the real world to appear normal. Why is this man training up his 16 year old daughter for these things I hear you say, well gather round and I shall regale.

Erik was an agent for the CIA, but his wife, Hanna’s mother was killed by Marissa (Cate Blanchett), a heartless intelligence agent. After the shooting Erik went rogue and took Hanna off with him. Hanna was created using altered DNA which gave her heightened senses and deadly reflexes, ultimately the “perfect soldier”, a fact that Marissa desperately wants and Erik desperately wants to protect.

The film starts off fast and keeps going. Ronan handles her action scenes brilliantly and let me assure you, probably because she’s from Carlow, but Saoirse is double hard and make no mistake about it, she will snap your neck, while not blinking an eye! Being ultimately a chase movie the settings change and has a distinct James Bond feel in some scenes. Wright has made an impressive little film here. Now if he could only persuade Hanna to do Emily Bronte: The Revenge, I would be very excited indeed!


4 / 5


Written by thepanch

September 7, 2011 at 3:30 pm

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