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Farewell To Chaz

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Alas, the recession has claimed another victim. The Chaz Bar on Wexford’s quay front shut its doors recently. James Ryan, who has run the bar for the past nine years with his sister, Sandra said “It’s desperately difficult to make a living in the bar trade at the moment.” The decline in numbers is due to people being made unemployed and that has resulted in a decline in disposable income. Along with the closure of the main bar it also spells the death knell of a great music venue in Wexford, most notably because of the Back Door Sessions, run by the delightful Patricia Bird.

Trish rang me the Thursday before I flew to Birmingham and I could hear the sadness I her voice. It hit me too, having played there on numerous occasions I found the place utterly charming. And James and Sandra were very accommodating hosts, quick with a smile and a delicious pint. There have been so many bands that have passed through those side doors, I can’t begin to put a number on it but I had the pleasure of gracing the stage several times.

Personal favourite gig memory, one night we were playing with a great band, Dirty 10to1 and they truly were the A Team of bands. First of all there was a scuffle in the bar, quickly sorted by the huge bassist. Then the drummer fixed a lamp and an amp that blew simultaneously. Sadly there was no black van, but it was a great night and there was a drum solo floating around somewhere!

I cannot speak for any of the other acts / bands that have played The Back Door, but I can safely say it was one of my favourite venues in the country. And it will be a great loss to Wexford as a pub and a great little music venue. Much love to Trish for the chance and the gigs James and Sandra for the pints and the smiles!




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September 7, 2011 at 3:31 pm

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