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Why did John Lennon get shot four times? Because Yoko ducked… The first response I got upon telling someone I was a Beatles fan. Was I offended? No. Did I laugh? You bet your life I laughed. Lennon fan or not, that is a funny joke. Simple as. A joke that is funny. Amy Winehouse died recently. There were similar jokes flying around hours after she died. People were outraged, incensed, and angry. They took to the internet by god!

They blogged their little hearts out and tweeted their disgust. How could we upstanding citizens laugh and point at a dead celebrity? Who were we to criticise, what would we know? There in lies the crux. Amy Winehouse was a celebrity who sadly could not control her demons, and they eventually got the better of her. Those demons ended up making a mother and father bury their daughter at just 27. But don’t feel bad if you laughed at a joke, dear reader.

These same bloggers were nowhere to be found when we all collectively pointed and laughed at Amy looking worst for wear falling out of some nightclub with her clothes half off, make up smudged and legs giving way. No one blogged when Amy repeatedly fell down and could not get back up, because the vast majority of people had no sympathy. “Just another celebrity with a drug problem…. Why should I care…? Aw poor little junkie.”
The woman clearly needed help and the only one that tried to do that was her father Mitch. He literally shoved her into rehab numerous times and tried to see his baby daughter free of the demons that would eventually claim her life. Suddenly Amy was beyond help and the papers spread the word of her death. The same papers that published those worse for wear photos, and worse.

So if you have received, sent or laughed at an Amy Winehouse joke fear not. You won’t burn in hell or be scorned in public. You simply reacted to a joke that happened to be about Amy Winehouse. On the other hand, I would urge you to think of her mother and father who regardless of her demons have still suffered the loss of their child. Although I’m sure you probably have because after all, we are a good Christian country…….


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September 1, 2011 at 8:11 pm

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