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Giggs Shoots, He Misses….

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Believe it or not, I was actually once a sports fan. Yes, that was the sound of your jaw hitting the floor. Pick it up. Ok, you back? Yes, I was a massive soccer fan, my team Man United and my player? Ryan Giggs. Giggsy was the man and nearly every match he laced up his boots, he was either the scorer or an instigator of a crucial goal. The man had golden feet and he even adorned my bedroom wall at some stage. But after a while, he was replaced by Jennifer Aniston and a Batman poster. See, I grew up. Apparently Ryan has not.

He is another one in a long list of footballers behaving like the overly paid, snot nosed, and spoiled brats they are. Give a toddler a lollipop and they will want the one the other toddler across the room has. Rooney, Crouch, Giggsy. I mean, I can see why they would cheat on their attractive loving wives. You can appreciate it as well dear reader. Imagine the hardship of being a professional footballer.

You finish up your training for your highly paid, massively rewarding job of kicking a round piece of leather around a field. You’ve achieved your dream. That’s not enough. All those summers spent with your friends imitating your favourite player. Now, you’re up there and kids want to be you. That’s not enough. You sign a six figure deal for putting your face on the campaign for shaving foam, which will also pay royalties. That’s not enough.

You go home to your loving wife and family to wind down before or after the big game. The money is in the bank and your wife greets you with a warm embrace. That’s what sends you over the edge. You find yourself reaching for the phone and calling that agency. I take it all back, I just read that paragraph. Yes, that would be a terrible existence. They’re right to want more. Normal people have no idea what it’s like being a stressed footballer. Give a toddler a lollipop………

Viva Las Two-Mile-Borris??

Look. There is little to no money in the country. There’s an emergency meeting in Two-Mile-Borris. And if you’re having trouble meeting your electricity bill this week. You can relax your head. Relax it right back. Because you can bet the house you can’t afford in the recently approved 500-bedroomed casino and racetrack complex in Co. Tipperary. No, that is not a typo or a wacky story this was actually given the green light from the Planning Board.

The project is being backed by Independent TD Michael Lowry. He said it would bring much needed jobs to the area, and was backed by horse breeders. Not to be a negative, cynical, party pooper but I’m going that way anyway. This is a ludicrous development. The chairman of the Gaming Commission of Ireland was on Liveline Tuesday last and he slated the idea. He said that revenue had dropped significantly in casinos all over Ireland, a reduction of 3% over the last three years.

So, the country is effectively broke. Jobs are few and far between, with thousands of our best and brightest leaving to seek fortune elsewhere. But Michael Lowry has the country sorted. Who needs to pay for heating oil or food, let’s blow what we have left on a game of blackjack. Ridiculous.


Written by thepanch

June 29, 2011 at 6:50 pm

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