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Despite shuffling from this mortal coil in order to join the great rock and roll party upstairs 25 years ago, Phillip Parris Lynott has never left the Irish consciousness and as it should be. For my money, the greatest rock star Ireland ever produced. I mean what was not to love? A six foot frame, cheeky Irish smile all topped off with a jet black head of afro curls. Oh, yea and some of the best songs ever committed to tape by an Irishman. The man oozed rock and roll, sex appeal, danger and friendliness all in the same breath. No mean feat, and indeed a feat that has yet to be repeated.
The Phil Lynott Exhibition is running for an extra month in St. Stephen’s Green, until May the 4th. For the small sum of €10, you can immerse yourself in all things Thin Lizzy, and indeed Phillo. Myself, Fiona and the little lady went up on Thursday last and we were not disappointed. As luck would have it Philomena, Phil’s ever so devoted mother was in, signing copies of her book.
Truly a wonderful woman, I found her warm, welcoming and ever so happy to talk about her boy. The mere mention of his name makes her emerald green eyes shine and she gives you a wide, friendly smile of a mother that not only loved her son dearly, but loves the fact that most of the country and indeed the world felt and still feels the same way.
The exhibition itself is a must for Lizzy fans, or at that music fans in general. You name it and it is there. Phil’s bass guitars, tour itineraries (they played Tramore in 1971 for the princely sum of £132!), tour jackets as worn by the big man, every vinyl single and album including Phil’s personal gold discs. The true finds are all the handwritten pieces. Ranging from lyrics to postcards to poetry, these were my favourite part of the tour.
Phil Lynott was, in my opinion, the greatest rock star we ever produced. The man bled green and was so proud to be Irish. As he said himself, “When I’m in England, I say, I’m from Ireland. When I’m in Ireland, I say, I’m from Dublin. When I’m in Dublin, I say, I’m from Crumlin. When I’m in Crumlin, I say, Leighlin Road. When I’m in Leighlin Road, I say, I’m a Lynott.” Phil was a great lover of all Irish culture. We should carry on that tradition. Go to Stephen’s Green and enjoy the life and work of our own Roisin Dubh, Phillip Parris Lynott.


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April 6, 2011 at 7:34 pm

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