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Meeting Christy

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They say you should never meet your heroes. You’ll only be disappointed. This writer has to disagree wholeheartedly. Walking the hallowed backstage halls of the Wexford Opera House, me and my father were ushered in by Christy’s manager, Paddy Doherty. Paddy asked if we would wait “side-stage”. So we stood silently in the wings and waited. Without even opening my mouth, Christy spotted me and came straight over, extended his hand. “Howya, Pancho.” I took his hand in mine. “Howya, Christy.” And so I had met one of my heroes, Christy Moore.

He was every bit the giant I expected him to be, from seeing countless shows and dvd footage. However, a gentle giant. I found him to be soft spoken, unassuming and very accommodating. We discussed the airing of the Barrowlands show on BBC4 the previous night, and the inclusion of my grandfather in the folk documentary that followed. Then we posed for a photograph. “Jaysis, Pancho ain’t it awfully handy having your father doing the photocalls? And I can tell by the cut of him, he knows what he’s doing.”

Job done, I dropped my professional face and went into fan mode, asking Christy to sign three autographs, which he did very graciously. Sadly business reared it’s head and the sound check beckoned, so he extended his hand once again, I extended mine. “Best of luck with it, Pancho. Keep her lit, man.” Thank you Christy, I intend to do just that!


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March 16, 2011 at 7:54 pm

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