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“I played in the opera house one night, and a bat went mad. It’s a strange name to give four walls and a roof, opera house. Probably needs a bit of bingo to knock the edges off it.” (Christy Moore, The Way Pierce Turner Sings, Disc 4, The Box Set). There were no bats in the audience, or the rafters for that matter on Saturday last. However, there was as usual with a Christy Moore / Declan Sinnott gig a lively mix of young and old, big and small.

The show began at 8.05 pm, and the two boyos kicked off with a rendition of Wise and Holy Woman, a song written about Christy’s mother, Nancy. Followed by Ordinary Man, and a song I have never had the pleasure of hearing live, apart from the Live at The Point CD, Welcome to the Cabaret. The song featured references to Mick Wallace and the FCA.

Three songs in, and Christy and Declan were smiling, and the crowd were as Christy spotted, “just warming up.” So he kicked into Nancy Spain, and there was a gentle, low hum of voices throughout the Opera House. The vibe of the place, and the audience participation picked up a bit then and kept the pace for the rest of the night. It was jukebox time after a few more tunes, and the coins were rattling. Christy and Dec gladly obliged all requests. They seemed in great form with a lot of laughing between songs, and during them. Safe to say, the gig is definitely a duo and not a solo outing. The duo is ten years down the road, and their friendship shines through, despite the intense work on stage.

A lone voice called out, “The Rose.” Christy took to laugh, and he said, “If I can trawl it up, we’ll come back to it. Alright, horse?” And he came back a few songs on. I had never heard this song until tonight, I am ashamed to say. A true tour de force of trademark Christy humour and that rare dying art of story telling. I could picture every image in the song. My personal favourite being the image of Christy posing as a white South African in a house run by a woman from Rosslare!

Declan Sinnott graced us with a song then, a gorgeous, bluesy version of the Bob Dylan song, Corina, Corina. Watching Declan throughout the gig, no matter how many times I’ve seen them, has me utterly enthralled. The man adds so much to songs that have been sung thousands of times before.  He weaves stories and colours with his playing. Declan truly is a master of the weapon that is the six string guitar, and if anyone asks why Christy tours with Declan, then you’re clearly watching the wrong show!

As expected, there was an encore. But there was none of the old showbiz razzle dazzle. As Christy said, “There’s no point in walking off and waiting in the wings. When there’s an encore goin’, ya should take it!” The boys got up, accepted their applause and sat back down to do a blistering version of Lisdoonvarna. And a heartfelt, audience assisted version of The Voyage. I have seen Christy and Declan ten times and counting, including last Saturday. Safe to say, this was the most enjoyable gig I have ever attended. Joy is infectious, and the boys were having a great time onstage, that joy was beamed out to every smiling face in the audience. Fol-de-dee, get outta that. He was a quare one!


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March 16, 2011 at 7:56 pm

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  1. While reading this I can feel the beat of the bodhan and I start tapping my feet. Brilliant. Wish I seen it.

    Nicola Rothwell

    March 17, 2011 at 9:29 am

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