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Contrary to popular belief, and my haircut, I am not nor have I ever been a member of The Beatles. As such, I have never played The infamous Cavern Club. However, there is a little venue in Wexford that has that same small but deadly vibe bouncing off the four walls. The Chaz Bar on the Quays in Wexford is hands down for me my favourite venue to play. And I’ve played up and down the country.

The Back Door takes place every Monday night, and is run and organized by the lovely Ms. Patricia Bird. A venue for local artists, originals and covers to play and I cannot recommend it highly enough. With the snow and the new year beginning, it was on hiatus until Monday the 21st of February. But now it is back, and back with a bang.

The 21st saw two quarters of my own band opening up, Love Muffin. Our guitarist and bassist were incognito. If I know them boyos, and I do, I can safely say they were probably bringing the horse to France. And so the set was shook up to suit myself, guitar and vocals and Fiona Byrne, vocals. It would be egotistical to write my own review, so let’s just say we didn’t sound too bad, and thoroughly enjoyed the gig. Oh, and I played a banjo.

We were quickly followed by Mr. Noel Quaid, a musician I first encountered when we played our first public gig, nearly eight years ago. Noel was playing in C.C. Riders, and he was brandishing a fretless bass. I could not believe it, it just seemed to be magic. No frets, surely he’s a wizard? Noel didn’t have the fretless bass this night, sadly, but he did have a borrowed acoustic guitar and some lovely tunes. My favourite was Angel, a song written by Noel. Always liked that tune.

The gigs are running every Monday night for the rest of the year. For bookings or info, contact Trish on: 0860307832.

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March 3, 2011 at 11:00 am

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