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Batman Goes Method

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Christian Bale is at it again. Ah, in fairness at least this time he’s not shouting at a poor defenceless lighting guy. No, no this time Bale’s anger is being spit out at a film critic who branded his weight loss for the new film, The Fighter, as “another one of Bale’s trademark weight loss roles.” Understandably, Bale is not best pleased. He has been quoted as saying that he’s “never seen any welterweights with any fat on them.” This is true. The man is portraying a boxer in the welterweight division, who also happens to be a crack head. Hence, the character would be quite slim, don’t ya think?
Again, Bale goes above and beyond for a role, and some hack laughs it off as something he has done before, and therefore “it would be easy for him.”

I’ve never lost 70lbs for a film role, and I’m pretty sure this journalist hasn’t either. Bale has every right to chew this guy out. He is one of few actors working in the shiny disco ball that is Hollywood that truly does what he is paid to do, act. By the journalist’s reckoning Robert De Niro would have been foolish to move to Italy for three months in order to play a young Don Vito Corleone. Was Al Pacino silly for hiring a Spanish voice coach to speak only that language to him on the set of Scarface? No. Speaking of Al Pacino, I can highly recommend Glengarry Glen Ross, a 1992 independent film version of David Mamet’s play. The play is based on Mamet’s experience as a salesman in the 1970’s.

This film is really and truly an actor’s film. The cast consists of Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin, Alec Baldwin, Jonathon Pryce and the aforementioned Mr. Pacino. The beauty of the film is nothing happens, nothing except four salesmen competing for money and ultimately their jobs. All this is played out with sparkling, foul language that flows like a tap from these actor’s mouths. The film is a tour de force of great acting and blistering writing. Plus, you get to hear the late Jack Lemmon swearing like a docker, directing a lot of hate at Kevin Spacey! A word of advice, don’t tell Christian Bale that you lost 70lbs “just for the heck of it.” He will shout….. loudly.


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February 23, 2011 at 6:51 pm

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