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The Execution Of Gary Glitter

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There are certain things that I can remember seeing  on television that blew my tiny mind. These include the return of The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VIII, seeing Michael Knight fly over a lorry in K.I.T.T., The Demon Headmaster. And in more recent years, Tony Soprano being shot and left for dead by his own uncle, Family Guy, the what if it actually happened scenario of nuclear explosions in Threads. Each of these moments made me realise that television can alter your outlook on things, and make you feel something powerful inside. Feelings of wonderement, joy, sadness, confusion, anger, hate and more.

The Execution Of Gary Glitter (Channel 4) made me feel a lot of those same emotions. I am aware that it was shown last monday, but I was gigging and forgot to Sky Plus. Silly boy. However, in a glorious decision by Channel 4 and YouTube, they have agreed to show full episodes and series of their most poplular output. You can watch the documentary here.

Seeing as the show is not recent, and most of you have probably seen it, I won’t do an indepth review. All you need to know is it is set in an alternative Britain where the death penalty has been reintroduced. And the first victim of the Capital Crimes Against Children legislation is one Paul Francis Gadd. Writer, director and producer, Rob Coldstream has crafted a nice documentary. It deals with both the public’s and Glitter’s reaction to the reintroduction of the law.

Glitter is played very convincingly by Hilton McRae. Almost eerily so. And he plays him as a creepy, self-deluded, unaware of able to see any wrong in what he has done character. A paedophile. The last ten minutes is possibly the best, dealing with Glitter pacing up and down the cell awaiting that long final walk.

I won’t say I enjoyed it. It’s hard to enjoy a show that deals with the mock execution of a man. However, it did, like those memories mentioned above, cunjure up strong feelings. Feelings of anger and hate. And for that, this television show did well.


Written by thepanch

November 22, 2009 at 7:48 pm

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